Tricky Leprechaun Visits Small Folks Again

Children and teachers at Small Folks enjoyed a fun-filled theme week to get into the silly St. Patrick’s Day spirit. We started with an upside down day, where the children taught the teachers, and we ate with the tables turned upside down. We then had a crazy hair day, which brought loads of laughter into the classrooms. The Crazy Crocodiles went for an exciting outdoor treasure hunt, which resulted in a new game for their classroom! A lot of time was then spent designing and building traps in each group to try and finally catch the sneaky little leprechaun!

Despite our best efforts, the little green guy got us again! While we were still asleep on Thursday night, the silly St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun decided to sneak into Small Folks once again to cause mischief! We knew it had to be him, because there was little green footprints left behind! He even had time to mess up both the Innopoli and Keilaranta locations, can you believe it? The children had so much fun following the footprints around the daycare and trying to find out how he possibly got inside. He turned so many things upside down; our artwork, name tags, furniture, you name it! He also somehow outsmarted all our traps, as he took the gold bait and left behind a funny message. He’s a pretty nice little fellow though, because he left gold coins behind for us to search for!

The whole week was filled with fun, and we can’t wait to try and catch him again next year.