Mission, vision and values


Our mission is to take care of your children the way we take care of our own.


Our vision is to be the leading international, English-language daycare for children from infants to preschool age. We want to be recognized for our outstanding educational program, talented staff and a safe and nurturing environment where fun, play and learning go hand in hand. Our ultimate goal is to make the children motivated lifelong learners.


Our values that we actively apply into our everyday life are: playfulness, emotional safety, empowerment, individual attention, social competence, cultural diversity, flexibility.

Learn and play – perfect balance is the key!

At Small Folks your children get to enjoy a well-balanced mix of learning and playing, in a stimulating environment.

We have a few basic goals we work on:

  • Emotional safety
  • Personal goals for every child
  • Development of social skills
  • Development of English-language skills
  • Development of norms and values with respect of cultural diversity