How we do it?

Our educational philosophy is centered around children, as their happiness and healthy development is our ultimate purpose. We emphasize the child’s individuality and the significance of active learning. In all what we do, we focus on highlighting positive outlook on life. We encourage children to be themselves and try for their personal best. We support learning where there is no failure and every attempt is a success story. We believe this approach promotes the best foundation for life¬long learning.

As English is the main language in Small Folks, we focus on children`s English language development. We aim at reaching high standards of English for both native speaker children as well for children who have English as a second language. We incorporate the language development in our daily activities. In principle, we talk and encourage children to talk in English throughout the day.

We aim to be a happy, multicultural community and prepare children for being citizens of the globalized world. In our interpretation, diversity is a natural feature of our multicultural world. We respect each and every individual and take into account diverse requests in a way that fits to Small Folks Daycare values as well.

In Small Folks, we especially focus on:

Being prosocial: Children are encouraged to be productive, helpful, caring and respectful members of our community.

Being proactive: We teach children to take initiatives to reach out for others, wecreate opportunities for versatile interaction and strengthening of social skills, we encourage children to reflect on events around them critically and to be responsible for their own actions.

Creating a happy, social, and emotionally safe environment: We find it important that both children and parents can fully trust our staff members, and children are able to establish deep connections with their teachers and friends.

Developing transversal competences: Our versatile learning environment supports children´s natural curiosity and desire to learn. Through experiment, play and activity children can expand their competence in different fields of knowledge and skills.