Small Folks Summer Party Fun

Both Small Folks locations recently celebrated the end of a fabulous school year with our annual summer party. The children spent weeks preparing for our year end performance. Each group chose their own song to do, and then we gathered together to perform a different song as one big group. The children also worked together to bake treats for our wonderful parents and families.

At Innopoli, we originally planned to have a picnic party in the playground. But just as we were getting ready to perform, an unfriendly rain cloud rolled over the yard! In a flash our amazing parents helped to quickly pick everything up, and we brought the party inside with us in the Eager Elephant and Crazy Crocodile classroom. The way everyone worked together to set up our ‘plan B’ truly reminds us how amazing our Small Folks family is!

Now that we were inside we were finally ready to start the show which had an ‘Around the World’ theme. Our Beautiful Birds got the party started with the hokey pokey, and the Tiny Tigers sang a super fun Spanish song about fruit. Next our Eager Elephants took us to Greece with a lovely version of ‘Petaloutha’ and our Crazy Crocodiles showed us how to sing the alphabet in sign language. The EE and CC groups then performed a Finnish song that they learned during our weekly Finnish Mornings. Our preschoolers were also honoured in our show as they wore cute graduation caps and received their diplomas. We are super proud of them, and we know they will go on to do great things! Finally, as a group we sang a Small Folks version of ‘We are the World’ it was such a great day!

Over at Keilaranta the Beautiful Birds started the show with an adorable ‘Do You Know the Muffin Man’ and ‘You are my sunshine’. Next the Tiny Tigers took the stage to teach us about our continents through song. Later The Crazy Crocodiles partnered with a Beautiful Bird to sing ‘Someday Baby’ and there were definitely some wet eyes in the audience after that! all the groups later joined together to perform ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing’ and they did a great job!

One of the most exciting parts for parents and kids alike came after the performance. Small Folks teachers had been gathering video clips for several weeks before the show, and they were put into a video to Pharrell William’s song ‘Happy’. The kids had a blast watching themselves on the projector screen and parents loved it too!

Our summer parties are definitely one of the best events of the year, and we would like to thank everyone for attending. It has been a great year and a great kickoff to the summer holiday!