Small Folks celebrates Diwali

One of the best parts about having a multicultural daycare is all of the holidays we get to learn about and celebrate! This time it was the Hindu festival of lights – Diwali! During our preparations, the Beautiful Birds made some gorgeous lanterns to give out as gifts, while the Crazy Crocodiles made really cool firework pompoms, which were very fun to play with. In fact, all the groups made gifts to give out, meaning everyone got to bring one home at the end of the day! One thing that Small Folks definitely does best for these parties is the food. Not only did our wonderful parents bring in delicious traditional treats, but the kids also had a hand in the baking. We spent much of Wednesday morning taking turns in the kitchen to whip up tasty snacks.


Both the Innopoli and Keilaranta locations encouraged all children to dress in bright colourful clothing, and we had some kids come in their traditional party best. The teachers even took part in the fun with beautiful Saris lent to us by our wonderful CEO Suzanne. Our clothes weren’t the only things brightening up the party – we also made wonderful decorations that hung on the walls and the ceiling!


Undoubtedly the best part of our celebration was learning about the meaning of the holiday from some of our Small Folks moms. We listened to the story of how Diwali started, saw photos and videos of traditional Diwali celebrations, and we were amazed by all of the beautiful lights! We also listened to some Indian music and showed off our dance moves. What a great event it was!