Small Folks Innopoli

This is where we established our first Small Folks location in August 2014. Small Folks Innopoli is located near Aalto University and the international hub of Otaniemi in Espoo. The safe and exciting learning environment is served by excellent connections. Currently, around 50 children attend Small Folks Innopoli daily. In addition to our staff of 10 teachers, we have our own housekeeper who looks after the kids. All the groups welcome new applications throughout the year, please fill in the contact form.

Beautiful Birds (6 months – 2.5 years)

The youngest group is also the smallest one, with only 12 children and three caring teachers. Children and their individual needs determine the weekly programme that is characterised by learning new things, little by little. The group is held in English.

Tiny Tigers (2.5–3.5 years)

The maximum number of Tiny Tigers is 16. The teachers organise indoor games, little learning sessions and other exciting things to do for the children every day, plus at least one morning of outdoor activities per week. The group is held in English.

Eager Elephants (3.5–5.5 years)

In this group, children can also learn Finnish! There are 16 Elephants in the group, spending fun and exciting days with the teachers and learning new things. The group is mainly English-speaking with one Finnish morning game per week.

Crazy Crocodiles (5–6 years)

We have two teachers in this group to look after the needs of the 16 Crocodiles. Crazy Crocodiles are active; they visit the neighbourhood parks and playgrounds, make little excursions to museums and exhibitions and have one morning in Finnish every week. The group is held in English.


Small Folks daycare offers a diverse and motivating learning environment where children feel inspired and motivated to learn. Our preschool guidelines are built on the Finnish National Core Curriculum for Pre-School Learning. The objective is for the children to reach high standards of spoken English and understand the subtle nuances of the language. Our English programme comprises three comprehensive areas: understanding English, speaking and presenting in English and early literacy activities in English. Children learn all of these things in an engaging way, integrated in daily activities of work and play.