Easter Egg Hunt & Spring Show Fun

As we prepared for Easter and our spring show, the magic continued to happen. We searched long and hard to collect willow branches and although there was snow everywhere, we managed to find enough and decorate them ourselves.  We used string, ribbons, cotton and all sorts of materials to make them beautiful, and they turned out so nice.  Chicks, Easter bunnies and eggs were the topic of most of our crafts leading up to Easter, and we all had so much fun making them our own. The Crazy Crocodiles had the chance to paint boiled eggs using this really cool colored water. First we chose our eggs and then dipped them into the water to create designs. That was one of our favorite activities.  One of our groups made chicks that look like they are hatching from an egg. Isn’t that awesome? We even baked delicious treats. From tasty cookies to snacks that look like chickens. We couldn’t decide which tasted the best but they all were super yummy.

The morning of our party was again filled with surprises. Not the leprechaun but the Easter bunny stopped by to pay us a visit this time. We left carrots in our classroom with hopes of catching a glimpse of that little cutie. However, only the teachers saw it. What a shame and although we didn’t see him, he left eggs in our classroom for us to find. Kinder eggs, chocolate eggs, painted boiled eggs, little jelly bean eggs, so many eggs and so eggciting! Preparing for our show was fun, but not as fun as the actual performance. We rocked the house and our parents loved it. Some groups sang songs, some acted out skits and some groups even danced. We wore bunny costumes, chick costumes and different spring animal costumes during our performances. There were even little green aliens walking around singing “we will rock you”. The Easter show and party was a great way to bring in the spring. Let’s hope we get some spring weather soon!