Celebrating our mommies

We celebrated our mothers and they made sure that the sun wasn’t the only thing shining last week. Mother’s day breakfast allowed us to give a little back to the women that give so much to us, and we enjoyed every second of it. Mothers chose from so many pastries and so many different treats. We made them ourselves so of course they all were super tasty. We hope our mommies thought so. We made special gifts the week before to surprise our mothers. Our dads did a great job of keeping our secret safe. Hehe.

The Crazy crocodiles gave their mothers really cool mugs with drawings on them. Their mommies can keep them on their desks or cabinets to hold pencils and pens. They also made cards and they looked as though the crocs were holding flowers for their mommies. How cool! The Beautiful birds made cards with amazing drawings inside. Some even had their hand prints. How could their mommies resist giving them hugs and kisses.

We played with our mommies, ate with our mommies, showed them our memory books and even just hung around in our classrooms. Mothers day was an amazing time for us and we really hope that our mothers enjoyed the day as well.