Small Folks Daycare merges with Touhula daycare centres

At the turn of the year, Small Folks Daycare became part of Touhula daycare centres. Touhula is a nationwide family of daycare centres which invests in the content of early childhood education, the quality of daycare activities and co-operation between families and the daycare centre.

The previous entrepreneur of Small Folks Daycare, Sandra Geraeds, no longer continues her work in the daycare field. She took maternity leave last year and returned to the Netherlands with her family.

“I am delighted and proud that Small Folks will join Touhula! They have the experience and a large professional organization to support the future development of Small Folks for families as well as staff. I will embark on new adventures in my home country and will be handing over my lifelong dream of establishing a daycare centre into the hands of the professional and passionate team.”

Early childhood education fees remain unchanged

On 31 December 2018, Touhula purchased Small Folks Daycare Oy’s entire share capital, and the company will continue its operation as part of the Touhula Group. For the time being, the daycare fees remain unchanged, and Small Folks Daycare Oy continues to act as the invoice issuer. The merger does not cause any changes to the daycare’s opening hours.

During the spring, we will get to know each other’s operating methods and familiarize with Touhula’s operations models. The daycare centres’ names will be renewed in early 2019 as well.

Both of the daycare centres in Espoo will become part of Touhula’s Capital Region local organization whose Area Director is Heidi Valio. In addition, Service Manager Pirjo Kosonen will provide support for the daycare centres.

If you have any questions regarding the new ownership arrangement, please do not hesitate to email us at We will gladly answer all of your questions.

We warmly welcome you to Touhula!